Client feedback important for Zac Pasmanick Team


Client feedback important for Zac Pasmanick Team

Zac Pasmanick and his team consider each and every feedback received from clients very important. Zac Pasmanick Team believes in building long term relationships with clients. This relationship is achieved through getting feedback from each client and turning it into an invaluable learning experience. The Zac Pasmanick Team has served 4700 families over the past 25 years. Zac Pasmanick and his team give utmost attention to the exact requirement of each family whether it is selling a property or buying one and then try to find the best solution.

The Zac Team follows the company’s core values

Real estate professions from the Zac Team understand the core values of the company founded by Atlanta Georgia’s leading realtor Zac Pasmanick 25 years ago. The company’s commitment towards bringing the best property solutions for people in Metro Atlanta area is imbibed in each one of them. Zac Pasmanick and his team ensures the best dead for their clients by keeping themselves updated with the latest developments in the Atlanta  real estate market. They have gained an authorities knowledge


Zac Team’s flawless customer satisfaction record


Zac Team’s flawless customer satisfaction record

The Zac Team, a real estate company founded by Atlanta Georgia’s leading realtor Zac Pasmanick, prides itself on the flawless customer satisfaction record. The Zac Team helps people buy and sell their properties in Metro Atlanta. The company has supervised 4700 property deals since it was founded by Zac Pasmanick 25 years ago. The Zac Team is adding value to both sides of the equation – buyers and sellers. While the company has helped people get the best price for their property, it has also landed great property deals for buyers. The company enjoys a two decades long legacy of customer satisfaction.

The Zac Team’s efficient real estate professionals

The Zac Team is a real estate company run by efficient professionals. These professionals are very experienced and have a great understanding of the latest developments and updates in the Atlanta real estate market. This understanding and knowledge have been achieved through years of experience in providing the best property solutions to the company’s clients. Real estate is a constantly fluctuating industry. The Zac Team has evolved itself into the leading real estate company by keeping a close watch on the industry trends and region specific developments.

Best property solutions from Zac Pasmanick

Zac Pasmanick has mastered the art of identifying the best opportunities for his clients in Metro Atlanta real estate market by the virtue of his experience and passion. Over the past 30 years, Zac Pasmanick has established himself as an expert and leading realtor in Atlanta Georgia. People seek advice from Zac Pasmanick just to get benefited from his vast knowledge about the Atlanta real estate market. Zac Pasmanick has not only cut 4700 deals for his clients after founding the Zac Team, but also won their trust and admiration. The sense of credibility can be gauged from the number of repeat clients he has served over the year.

Commitment of Zac Pasmanick Team


Commitment of Zac Pasmanick Team

Zac Pasmanick and his team are committed to proving the best services to clients. From guiding the clients through initial counseling to helping them search suitable properties, Zac Pasmanick team’s focus is always on landing the best possible deals. For Zac Pasmanick, buying and selling homes is not only his profession, but also his passion. The leading realtor in the Atlanta Georgia real estate market, Zac has supervised over 4700 property deals over the past 30 years. And, the deals have got him 4700 families or clients satisfied with his services.

Alerts from Zac Pasmanick Team             

Zac Pasmanick and his team keep their clients updated with all the popular listing of properties in the Atlanta Georgia real estate market. Whenever a property comes up for sale, Zac team makes sure that it forwards the information to the clients and people in general. The constant alerts from the Zac team help clients identify the property that is best suited to their needs. Zac Pasmanick team provides regular information about new and popular property listings, prices, popular areas and changes or corrections in the value.

Best Buy & Sale with Zac Pasmanick Team

When Zac Pasmanick team gets involved in selling or buying a property in Atlanta Georgia, customers never regret their decisions. Zac not only lends his ears to the exact requirements of the clients but also takes them to heart. Zac Pasmanick and his team understand that needs of each house buyer or seller are different, so addressing these requirements specifically is their primary goal. This quality makes the Zac Pasmanick team stand out in the fierce competition.

Property’s worth with Zac Pasmanick Team


Property’s worth with Zac Pasmanick Team

Most buyers are often clueless about prevailing property prices in a particular area. Similarly, sellers also struggle to get the best deal for their property because they are unaware of the market trends. Zac Pasmanick, a leading realtor in the Atlanta Georgia real estate market, and his team keep buyers and sellers from making wrong decisions in a hurry. Zac Pasmanick gives the best advice to his clients and makes them aware of the actual worth of the property. It leaves no room for regrets after the property deals are closed under his supervision.

Designations of Zac Pasmanick

A big reason behind Zac Pasmanick being the leading realtor in the Atlanta Georgia real estate market is that he has achieved several distinctions over the years. Zac’s designations include Certified Distressed Property Expert (CDPE), Certified Residential Specialist (CRB), Certified Residential Brokerage (CRB), GRI, Life Member Atlanta Board of Realtors’ Million Dollar Club, Five Star Professional Foreclosure REO (Real Estate Owned) Specialist, and Short Sale Specialist. These achievements and qualifications have earned him a status of an expert in his field. Coupled with 30 year of experience and knowledge, this qualified leadership has made him the ‘go-to’ professional in the Atlanta Georgia real estate market.

Staying Updated With Zac Pasmanick Team

Always being updated with the latest market trends is one of the most important requisites for any realtor to stay ahead in the fierce competition. Leading realtor Zac Pasmanick is known for his knowledge about the Atlanta Georgia real estate market. Every area in Metro Atlanta remains under the constant watch of Zac team. Whether an area has gone through any corrections in prices or it has seen some improvement, Zac and his team make sure that they are properly updated with these developments. It helps Zac team protect the interest of its clients and get them the best deal when they buy or sell property.

Customer satisfaction With Zac Pasmanick Team


Customer satisfaction With Zac Pasmanick Team

As a leading realtor in Atlanta Georgia real estate market, Zac Pasmanick is soon to cross the magic figure of 5000. He has helped people buy and sell over 4700 properties till now. He is committed to providing the best housing solutions in Metro Atlanta. Families approach him for his help in finding their dream homes as well as landing them the best deal while selling properties. Zac Pasmanick has provided outstanding services in a career spanning 30 years and is known for his impeccable customer satisfaction record. He takes great joy in the satisfaction of families after they move into the homes of their dreams or when they get the best price for their property.

Expertise of Zac Pasmanick Team

Zac Pasmanick is doing business in the Atlanta Georgia real estate market for the past 30 years. It has got him the experience required to understand the ins and outs of the complex realty world. He has helped his customers sail through difficult times even when the overall market didn’t look so good or witnessed major corrections. This experience has made Zac Pasmanick a leading realtor in the Atlanta Georgia real estate market. His clients get benefited by his experience as it has made him the ‘go-to’ realtor whenever someone wants to buy or sell a property in Metro Atlanta.

Trust With Zac Pasmanick Team

Trust is definitely the foundation of a realty business. Zac team, headed by Metro Atlanta’s leading realtor Zac Pasmanick, has earned the trust of its clients by proving them the best quality of services. Most first time property buyers and sellers draw a blank when it comes to landing the best deal. Zac team ensures that interests of these customers are protected in the Atlanta Georgia real estate market. The Zac Pasmanick team sees to it that every client feels they could not have got a better deal. This attitude has won the trust of each and every client who engaged Zac team for buying or selling properties.

Expertise at Zac Pasmanick Team

As the realty market is unpredictable and goes though occasional ups and downs, protecting interest of customers is not an easy task for any realtor. The right mix of knowledge and expertise is required to ensure that people don’t lose money. Leading realtor Zac Pasmanick has gained this expertise over the years and he and his team put the interest of the clients above everything else. His expertise enables him to foresee upcoming property trends well in advance in the Atlanta Georgia real estate market and plan his strategy accordingly. Zac team has saved several families from making wrong decisions while they buy and sell their property. 

Who is Zac Pasmanick?


Zac Pasmanick is one of the most experienced REMAX real estate brokers in Atlanta. He has been serving this industry for more than 20 years now. He has served residential as well as commercial clients across Atlanta. He has many experienced real estate agents in his Zac Pasmanick Team who can surely help you in finding the best homes or office space in your area. 

Zac Pasmanick has won numerous awards in Real Estate business as he is associated with REMAX for more than a decade. Few of the awards Zac Pasmanick has won are CRS, CRB, GRI; Certified Distressed Property Expert, Life Member, 25 years in the Atlanta Board of Realtors’ Million Dollar Club, Foreclosure REO Specialist, Short Sale Specialist, two-time Phoenix Award Recipient, Who’s Who in Residential Real Estate, a Howard Brinton Star, and regular Bill Barrett Superstars Workshop attendee.

The main locations Zac Pasmanick serves are Atlanta, Georgia Decatur, Georgia. He also has served a number of countries like Fulton, DeKalb, Cobb, Gwinnett, Henry, Clayton.

About Zac Pasmanick


Zac Pasmanick grew up in the Morningside neighborhood of Atlanta, Georgia. Zac Pasmanick started his real estate career in 1979, and began with RE/MAX in 1984. After becoming successful in real estate, Zac Pasmanick purchased the family home from his parents, and still lives there today. Within three years he bought the franchise, only to sell it seven years later. Today, Zac Pasmanick is a Broker of Ponce Realty and in 1993, Zac Pasmanick founded the highly experienced Zac Pasmanick Team.

The Zac Pasmanick team consistently places as one of the top teams both in the U.S. and internationally out of over 110,000 RE/MAX agents and in 2007, ranked 45th out of all teams in the U.S. and 89th out of all teams worldwide. In 2007, the Zac Pasmanick team was also the #1 team with RE/MAX Greater Atlanta Intown – again! Zac Pasmanick also continually furthers his own education at real estate and leadership conferences.

Zac Pasmanick is also very involved in his community – both with the family of real estate professionals as well as his local neighbors. Zac Pasmanick regularly contributes to and supports local schools and organizations (such as Morningside Elementary, Mary Lin Elementary, Fernbank Elementary, Inman Middle, Grady High, and Paedeia schools and more. Zac Pasmanick receives invitations to share his expertise with fellow Realtors at various national conferences has spoken on the topics of marketing, blogging, and leadership.

Zac’s credentials and other local awards include: CRS, CRB, GRI; Certified Distressed Property Expert; Life Member, 25 years in the Atlanta Board of Realtors’ Million Dollar Club; Foreclosure REO Specialist; Short Sale Specialist; two-time Phoenix Award Recipient; Who’s Who in Residential Real Estate; a Howard Brinton Star, and regular Bill Barrett Superstars Workshop attendee. Zac Pasmanick has several RE/MAX accolades: number one RE/MAX agent in Georgia several years running; International Hall of Fame; Circle of Legends (given to only 13 of 70,000 RE/MAX agents worldwide the year of its inception in 2002) and consistently ranks in the top 100 RE/MAX teams in the nation. The zac team’s total sales volume in the last three years was almost $150 million ($51 million in 2007 and over $67 million in 2006 and approximately $25 million in 2008).